Thursday, January 17, 2013


It is a new year and a new beginning. Well, perhaps for many kids who have just started school or those who have moved on to university. Here at Matla A Bana every year is a new beginning. We start the year off with gratitude to all those wonderful people and companies who have supported us during the last year. With happiness at our successes and the knowledge that we have managed to help many children.

But for many children in SA there is no new beginning. They have started this year knowing that daddies will keep on hurting them, that there is no hope and no future.

This year we once again undertake to help as many children who are hurting as possible. We undertake to make sure that they find hope again, that there is a future which is bright and filled with love.

When it comes to finding every year is a new beginning too. We need to secure funding and support all over again to continue what we are doing. But we know that it will be provided because we are not fighting this fight alone.

We wish all our supporters, volunteers and donors a very blessed 2013 and we hope to enjoy your continued support!

Monique Strydom (CEO MAB)

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