Friday, August 31, 2012


Rianette Leibowitz, Catherine Constantindes, Gen Norman Taioe & Lizel van Eden

At the second Incentive Awards for the year, we were proud to honour the following members:

Best Performers:

1st Officer Sergeant S Duister Tsakane FCS:

This member shows exceptional dedication, perseverance and investigation skills. She has had several complicated cases and received good sentences for the accused. Sgt Duister investigated a rape case of a young victim in Reigerpark and exceptional long hours to support the victim and to obtain witness statements. The trial was successful and the suspect sentenced to two life imprisonments and 10 years for indecent assault. Sgt Duister‘s commitment and hard work ensured that justice was served.
2nd - Warrant Officers: P.H. Botha and A.N.J.D. Nel of Sunnyside Cluster FCS:
They were assigned to an armed robbery and rape case. The armed suspect burgled the home and raped one female. The members traced the stolen cell phone in Melville with Sec 205 application and identified the suspect. DNA samples linked him to the rape and his fingerprints linked him to 16 other housebreaking cases. The suspect was denied bail he is an illegal immigrant from Lesotho. The case is on trial in September 2012. These members were thanked by the father of the victim and commended for their quick response and thorough investigation. These two members are always willing to help and are respected by the community and their colleagues.
Outstanding Achievements:

1 st. Constable Molefe of Moroka Cluster FCS:
The member investigated a serial rape case whereby several victims were raped by a suspect who was active around Avalon cemetery, Soweto. The modus operandi in all the cases was almost the same. Victims visited the cemetery where they were approached by one unknown black male; he introduced him as a security guard. He helped to clean the graves and escorted the victims to the railway station. On the way he assaulted the victims, robbed them and raped the female victims. Constable Molefe left no stone unturned to solve the case and ensured a fare trial. This takes exceptional detective skills to investigate, as it is always very traumatic for the victims. He ensured the following sentences:
17 life imprisonment sentences on the charge of rape and additional 162 years.

2nd. Constable Mekgwe Orlando Cluster FCS:
This member investigated several cases of rape, kidnapping and sexual assault. This dedicated detective has ensured many good convictions of life imprisonment and more. She is a persevering person and the community and her commander appreciate her hard work.
Best FCS Commander: Capt Mathikge of Garankuwa Cluster FCS was awarded for showing exceptional leadership skills in the fight against women and child abuse.
Best Unit: Garankuwa Cluster FCS for impacting a whole community through teamwork to ensure several life imprisonment sentences and always promoting the image of the FCS in their Cluster by serving and protecting the community.

Best FCS Officer: Lieutenant M R Ranthago of JHB CENTRAL FCS was assigned to a case of kidnapping, robbery and rape on a 16 year old girl. This girl was on a school excursion when the incident happened, which made this a high profile case. The officer was assigned to the case as it was withdrawn from the court roll. He ensured that the bail was opposed; the victim felt safe and was escorted to court to prevent intimidation. The officer even ensured the victim’s court attendance whilst he was on leave. The three suspects were sentenced to life imprisonment each on rape, five years on kidnapping each and 15 years on robbery. Lieutenant Ranthago has shown exceptional leadership, diligence and was also commended by the Public Prosecutor.
Service Excellence:
This special award is given to individuals who impacts the community and makes a difference in the lives of women and children.

Matla a Bana awarded Deputy National Commissioner Magda Stander for her assistance to ensure the establishment of an MOU between SAPS on a National level and Matla a Bana. She has also been instrumental in several of the country’s initiatives focussing on women and children.

Terry Volkwyn of LEAD SA has also been awarded for the positive impact she is making through LEAD SA, which focuses on rights, responsibilities and taking action to make our country safe for our women, children and other citizens.

Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters: Massmart, Clearwater Mall, Grayston Townlodge, Katherine str City Lodge, LEAP Training, Owitz Communications, Servamus, Alice Art Gallery, Rosebank Union Church, Roman’s Pizza and Rays of Hope.

MAB Projects in Finals

Two projects motivated by the Roman's Pizza Double Up Challenge and done by the community, reached the finals for the challenge. They are the comfort packs project done by Little Miss World (see below) and the comfort packs efforts by Old Mutual and Media 24. Hold thumbs for our two projects!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Miss Snow Queen sets example

Kayleigh Victor started hosting miss Snow Queen in 2011 as part of her charity work after winning Little miss World 2010 in Turkey. Last year the beneficary was CANSA and she raised over R 23 000 for them. She vowed that she would make this a yearly event and this year Miss Snow Queen was held on the 28th of July. She decided that Matla A Bana would be this years Beneficary. She asked all the models to bring along items to make up comfort packs for Matla a Bana. She made up over 350 complete comfort packs and got a lot of loose items aswell. Her modelling friends promised that although the competition is over they would still collect more items to make up even more packs. If you take into considiration that to make 1 pack cost about R 115.00 it amounts to a donation of about R 40,250. What makes this more remarkable is that Kayleigh just had her 12th birthday last month.