Sunday, January 27, 2013


After hearing about the plight of many children at Parow Court, Cape Talk decided to step in and help MAB raise funds to start a theraphy program.  During the day of the 14 December Cape Talk highlighted the need and also interviewed Col Harry (SAPS) and Cat Rieper (Social worker). Monique Strydom also had a great afternoon in the Cape Talk Studios as guest of John Maytham. In the end volunteers offered their services and two big groups made considerable donations. More than R 150 000 was raised. We would like to thank John, all at Cape Talk, Intercape and specifically Dischem Foundation and Grand West Casino for their enormous contribution.  The project will be launched as a pilot project and will start in February 2013.

Only rich people can afford to be raped

Parow Court is currently having to deal with many children who are so traumatized that they cannot testify. They need extensive theraphy and help. At R 500plus a session many of these families cannot afford the theraphy and if the children cannot testify, the offenders might go free. Here are some of their stories:

1. MARIA (8 years)
I was raped by an old lady who pushed something into me (front the front and behind), to rid me of an illness. Someone told the court about this. When the police took me to the hospital the doctor told them that someone else has been raping me for year. In fact the doctor said that I have the v-gina of a woman who has been married for 5 years. I am only 8 years old. This rape has been happening in my own house. The court wants me to tell them who did this - but I cannot tell them. I need therapy to help me tell... (extreme trauma. Child had to go back home where the offence took place because she cannot talk and there is no other evidence). 

I attended a sport event. There was an evil man there. He was out on parole for raping someone. He grabbed me and took me aside where he raped me for a long time. I had to face him in court. It was terrible. Then he got a lawyer. I had to go to court again. I was so scared I for the first time in my life I got an epileptic attack. I could not testify. I need therapy to help me deal with this and to testify against him. (Extreme trauma triggering the attack. Child too traumatized to testify). 

3. MARA (4 years)
I am 4. I live with my sister and brother who are 1 and 2 under plastic sheets in Bellville South. One day workers from a factory heard me crying. When they found me they also found that I was raped. I was actually so torn apart that I will have to wear a little urine bag for the rest of my life. My father is very violent. He threw boiling water over my 2 year old sister. Half her scalp is burnt, she does not speak or walk. They want me to tell them who did this, but I cannot talk. We now live with my grandmother a block away. I need therapy to help me to talk and tell (Extreme trauma preventing child from disclosing).

4. SAMUEL (age 6)
I was raped by one man. Then another boy of 13 years raped my brother who is 8, and me. He does other horrible things to other children and even dogs. I have to testify against him, but I cannot even talk about the first man. Help me to tell so that I can get help.