Monday, August 6, 2012

Miss Snow Queen sets example

Kayleigh Victor started hosting miss Snow Queen in 2011 as part of her charity work after winning Little miss World 2010 in Turkey. Last year the beneficary was CANSA and she raised over R 23 000 for them. She vowed that she would make this a yearly event and this year Miss Snow Queen was held on the 28th of July. She decided that Matla A Bana would be this years Beneficary. She asked all the models to bring along items to make up comfort packs for Matla a Bana. She made up over 350 complete comfort packs and got a lot of loose items aswell. Her modelling friends promised that although the competition is over they would still collect more items to make up even more packs. If you take into considiration that to make 1 pack cost about R 115.00 it amounts to a donation of about R 40,250. What makes this more remarkable is that Kayleigh just had her 12th birthday last month.