Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Own a celebrity!

Help us by bidding some of the best celebrities in South Africa. They will donate their time and talents to help raise funds for MAB. With Steve Hofmeyer, Cornelius Bosch, Annie Malan, Edith Venter, Leon Schuster, Pieter Dirk Uys, Evita, Fiona Coyne, Leanne Mannas.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009


On Friday, 12 June, Vodacom officially handed over the first of 2000 comfort packs for child abuse victims in the Western Cape. The donation handed over by Vodacom representative Priscilla Damane to Commissioner Petros.

The comfort pack project in the Western Cape is a combined effort between Friends of Child Protection (who will also pack and distribute the packs for MAB), You Magazine and MAB. Each of these groups will supply packs for various age groups. Once again a great example on how communities, NGO and companies can work together to help others!


Annemarie Voster (Sanlam), Leonore Louw (Reach Africa), Commissioner Petros, Monique Strydom, Carol Van Der Rheede (HCI Foundation) and FCS Commanders

Leonore Louw (Reach Africa), Commissioner Petros, Monique Strydom, Carol Van Der Rheede (HCI Foundation) and SAPS Cluster Commanders

Annemarie Voster (Sanlam), Commissioner Petros, Monique Strydom, Carol Van Der Rheede (HCI Foundation) and FCS Constables

On Friday, 12 June, close to a hundred proud SAPS FCS members received their certificates for training done by MAB. During the awards ceremony, Commissioner Petros, “joined” the MAB team, by calling himself a part of the MAB family. He also recognised the important work MAB is doing in assisting child abuse victims. During the last year MAB trained more than 100 police officers in the Western Cape. This training included Child Protection Protocols, various soft skills (like conflict management and client service) and mentorship courses. The group included a broad spectrum of the WC police force, from student constables to top WC SAPS management. The value of this training is estimated to be close to a million Rand. The officers will now be able to use these skills not only to investigate crimes, but also to mentor other officers and share valuable knowledge.

We would like to thank Sanlam and Santam for sponsoring the event and our main training sponsors for this training possible:


Hanlie sharing about God's love. Two men from two worlds becoming brothers!
A very special visit took place at Nyanga FCS two weeks ago. The home cell group of Burger VD Merwe (Familia Christi) who adopted this unit, not only “served” the members with great snacks, but they also "served" spiritual support. Hanlie Marais shared a powerful message about God’s love and their calling to protect our children and help our abused children. The rest of the morning Hanlie and the group spent ministering to individual members. It was indeed a blessed morning, not only for the members, but also to those who served them!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


On Tuesday, 27 May 2009, the children of Dwergieland Nursery School were proud to participate and show their support during child protection week for abused, orphaned, vulnerable and abandoned children. Antonie of the SAPS Dog Unit was there to offer some entertainment and demonstration of the behaviour of the dogs they train.

After the demonstration the children moved on to the Piazza, Clear Water Mall, where they performed the Green Ribbon ceremony and threw coins in the centre of the ribbon to show support for abused children. They completed their morning with breakfast at Café Fino.

We would like to thank our sponsors of the day: Clear Water Mall, Café Fino, King Pie (Clear Water Mall) and SAPS.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A comforting comfort pack story

This office would like to sent our honest appreciation for the Vodacom comfort packs.
On Monday I have a 9 year old victim in a sexual assault case here in Malmesbury.

The girl was not in the mood to speak out neither being part of a long and boaring questioning session. The shy girl was only hope for the ending of our discussion to go home and I remember of our comfort packs.

I took out the Vodacom one and put it on my table.I think she knew this parcel have something to do with her. The girl respond to my questions,she sort of awake from her sleep and the bad experience.

She opened the bag,have a good look into it as if she cannot believe all is her’s. She told me the experience she has at the school,we make contact with the other children,we even have an
interview with the schoolprincipal and complete my investigation within 3 hours. The suspect was a 9 year old boy at the same school and was dealt with by the school authorites and the who visit the school the next day.

The community of Abbotsdale was shocked of the incident but praise the investigation officer by impress the victim.

Thank you Matla Abana and Vodacom for your help.


Vodacom Comfort Pack Project

The culmination of Matla a Bana's (MAB) Child Protection Week (25 May 2009- 01 June 2009) ended with the of Launch Vodacom Comfort Pack project on 01 June 2009. Vodacom Foundation donated more than R 400 000 to MAB for the production of comfort packs to be handed to child-victims when they report crimes at SAPS. These packs contain immediate comfort goods like a soft toy, refreshments, soap and cloth, sanitary pads etc.

MAB would like to thank the volunteers of the day and also Yebo Heroes of the Vodacom Foundation.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Luc & Ninah tying the green ribbons

On 31 May 2009 a special Service of Hope and Blessing was hosted at Gardens Presbyterian Church.  During this service three candles were lit by VIP guest, Commissioner Ntobela, one for the children of the world, one for the children of South Africa and the Western Cape and one for all those people who work to protect them. After the service guests took part in a Green Ribbon Ceremony, during which green ribbons and prayers were tied to trees and fences in the street.


This service was a joint initiative of Friends of Child Protection, Connect Network and Matla A Bana, in celebration of Child Protection Week.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Doctors and police celebrate


FCS Detectives with VIP guest, Commissioner Ntobela

Child Protection Week brought more celebrations when the doctors and police officers who recently completed the Forensic Medical Examination Course received their certificates. MAB hosted this course in April for doctors of the Paarl Hospitals and FCS members to assist them to understand the forensic examination of rape and abuse victims better.

We would like to thank Dr Tromp Els, Adv Mark Kenny, Dr Jacobus Louw and our sponsors, HCI Foundation, AVIS, Oude Herberg and Lorraine Feuw Interiors for making this possible!

A Calendar day with Bosch

Above: Cornelius Bosch with Deon Roux(Business man)
For those who had the privilege to be at Clear Water Mall on the weekend of 23 May 2009, would have been proud to see Cornelius Bosch display his art work on his Birth day. This happened during the day at the piazza by the CNA entrance. He was there along with his Mother (82) showing support to the malls adopted charity Matla a Bana.

Matla a Bana (MAB) was there to exhibit and also selling their Child’s Rights calendars and key rings to raise funds and awareness for the work they do with Child protection week from 26 May 2009 to 01 June 2009. The calendar was launched in December and show cases the artwork of 12 artists, including Bosch, donated to this specific project.

Lynette from Art Window supplied the exhibitors with 3 of the most beautiful chairs and a Persian carpet to complete their little spot. Hansie Hofmann of the Meat Co sponsored a meal for Bosch and his mom. Deon Roux, owner of the furniture shop in Clearwater and Classic Baroque Flowers, showed his support to Matla a Bana and has now joined the ranks and become a friend of MAB.