Monday, June 8, 2009

A comforting comfort pack story

This office would like to sent our honest appreciation for the Vodacom comfort packs.
On Monday I have a 9 year old victim in a sexual assault case here in Malmesbury.

The girl was not in the mood to speak out neither being part of a long and boaring questioning session. The shy girl was only hope for the ending of our discussion to go home and I remember of our comfort packs.

I took out the Vodacom one and put it on my table.I think she knew this parcel have something to do with her. The girl respond to my questions,she sort of awake from her sleep and the bad experience.

She opened the bag,have a good look into it as if she cannot believe all is her’s. She told me the experience she has at the school,we make contact with the other children,we even have an
interview with the schoolprincipal and complete my investigation within 3 hours. The suspect was a 9 year old boy at the same school and was dealt with by the school authorites and the who visit the school the next day.

The community of Abbotsdale was shocked of the incident but praise the investigation officer by impress the victim.

Thank you Matla Abana and Vodacom for your help.


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