Friday, December 14, 2012

West Fleur Hospital victim facility opened

When MAB undertook to help rape victims at Wes Fleur Hospital (Atlantis) earlier this year, we did not know that it was going to happen so fast! Securing a container and finding a sponsor has proven one of the most difficult challenges we have faced for many year. Until MAB was chosen as the beneficiary charity for Old Mutual and Media 24 on Mandela Day. 1000's of comfort and snack packs turned into a facility, when Media 24 agreed to sponsor the container and Old Mutual Foundation the furnishings and fittings.  The facility is truly a simbol of what can be done when companies support charities. This facility was opened on 13 December. It has a seperate waiting area and medical examination room for rape victims.

Thank you to Media 24 and Old Mutual Foundation for your great support!

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