Friday, July 6, 2012

Workshop - Why men rape babies

On 21 June,  MAB  hosted a workshop with the FCS detectives in Gauteng on why men rape babies. Thirty FCS delegates attended and the feedback was very positive!!

Matla aBana would like to thank Dr Amelia Kleijn a Registered Social Worker for sharing her Research with our Organisation!  Dr Amelia’s research was conducted with “baby rapists” or incarcerated men serving long sentences for the rape of children under the age of three years. The focus of the study were the men’s psychosocial histories and the possible factors in their lives that enabled them to act so violently and brutally towards particularly young children. To the best of her knowledge, her study is the first of its kind.

We would like to thank Eversheds International for your generous sponsorship of an immaculate venue and scrumptious snacks!

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