Monday, June 4, 2012

General Lamoer on Child Protection

“As the police we want to strongly urge everyone to get involved when it comes to the protection of our children.  When I hear how Friends of Child Protection are giving out comfort packs, I feel that it’s about time that we start giving out ‘discomfort packs’ to people who refuse to take the welfare of our children seriously. Yesterday we had 50,000 people at Loftus Versfeld for the rugby match between the Stormers and the Bulls. Why can’t we have 50,000 people standing up for the rights and protection of our children?
In our country and abroad, we are quick to follow sporting events, week after week, day after day, but when it comes to children we only have one Child Protection Week in this country.  It’s about time that we make it a 365 day initiative.
Men need to rise up because it is always women leading the way when it comes to child protection and children’s issues.  The perpetrators in 99% of the cases are men.  It’s about time that men stand up, take responsibility and lead the battle against child abuse.  When it comes to the 16 Days of Activism this year, men specifically will be called up to lead the event within the SAP ranks and be responsible for arrangements.
These are the kinds of outcomes that we would like to see as the SAPS.”

Lieutenant-General A.H. Lamoer
Provincial Commissioner: SAPS Western Cape

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