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When I founded MAB in 2002, I never dreamt that one day we will be able to impact so many children. In our feedback for 2009 (see below) you will see that we had a great year. This however would not have been possible without the dedication of all our community groups and sponsors. We would like to thank each and every one of you. Apologies for not naming all, the list is very long, but you can know that your contribution helped us to help close to 5000 children last year. Once again - thank you and remember - NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!
Monique Strydom (CEO & Founder Matla A Bana)

a. National Adoption Project (Community Mobilisation)
To develop a sustainable, community support project by mobilizing faith base groups to assist the FCS detectives and SOCA officials in dealing with child victims. This will include support for the officials and children by implementing various projects unique to the needs of the individual groups.
Update :
Currently an estimated 100 volunteers and fifteen churches are taking part in this project.

b. MAB Child-Friendly Reporting facilities Project (Victim Support)
The implementation of MAB Child-Friendly Reporting Facilities at SAPS stations where FCS members are stationed (Gauteng) and FCS units (Western Cape). Such facilities will create a safe and comfortable, but also effective environment for the child to disclose. Facilities are developed on a blue print developed by MAB with the assistance of SAPS and includes state-of-the-art audiovisual recording facilities and two-way mirror facilities.
Update : MAB has implemented 6 such facilities, with the latest in Nyanga (WC), Pretoria Central & Vereeniging (Gauteng). Daveyton is next in line and should be completed by mid 2010. In the Western Cape we are planning to have Cape Town Central FCS Unit for the World Cup.

c. Comfort Pack project (Victim Support)
To supply the FCS units and detectives, SOCA courts and rape clinics with comfort packs for small and medium girls. These packs contain goods that will assist the child during the crisis time of reporting the crime (including the disclosure and medical examination).
Update : During 2009 MAB supplied more than 5000 packs to units and courts.

d. MAB Incentive Awards Project (Development)
Bi-annual awards are hosted in the Western Cape and Gauteng to award top performing FCS members for service beyond duty. Since the launch of these awards in 2005, the Gauteng SAPS management has seen a definite improvement in service delivery. Winners of these awards include the constable responsible for the investigation of the Oprah Winfrey School (Gauteng) and the detectives responsible for the capture of SA worst Serial rapist (WCape).
Update : During 2009 two awards ceremonies were hosted in Gauteng and two in the Western Cape.

e. SAPS Specialised Training (Training)
The hosting of specialised training courses for SAPS members to equip them to effectively deal with child and rape victims, as well as sharing important knowledge by the mentorship of younger detectives. SAPS training focussed on investigation, arrest and conviction and not the general welfare of the victim.
Update : During 2009 more than 150 detectives received training in Mentorship, Strength Based Leadership, Conflict management, Stress management, Client service and dealing with rape and abuse victims.

f. Medical Practitioners Training (Training)
The training of medical practioners in the correct medical forensic examination of a rape and sexually assaulted victims, as well as expert witnessing in court.
Update : More than 40 doctors and forensic social workers were trained in the Western Cape during two different training courses.

g. Unique Projects (Awareness & prevention)
Hosting of unique projects during Child Protection Week and 16 of Activism of No Violence against women and children. This include media and radio campaigns to make the public aware of child abuse.
Update : MAB WC hosted a provincial campaign during Child Protection Week by mobilising schools and churches to become involved. Various radio programmes were recorded during the year. MAB has taken part in various other projects from liaising between the police and communities to presenting talks etc.

These projects were made possible by the sponsorship of many companies and individuals, of whom the main sponsors are:

Vodacom Foundation
HCI Foundation
Reach Africa
Rotary Claremont
Highveld 94.7 Nando’s Peri Peri Cruise
Cape Talk Nando’s Peri Peri Cruise
Murray & Roberts
Shellard Media

We would like to thank all our sponsors for your continued assistance.

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