Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The last MAB Gauteng awards was hosted in February 2010. This project, hosted for the last 5 years, will temporarily come to a standstill until sponsorship for this year can be secured. Since it’s launch in 2005, it has become one of the most supported events hosted by the community for the police and the SAPS Gauteng Provincial office has praised MAB numerous times for the impact this award has had on the service delivery of child protection officers.

Once again, MAB celebrated outstanding service by the following individuals and units:
BEST PERFORMER 1ST : Insp Swart Sebokeng FCS
This detective has secured many life sentences in rape cases, in particular the case of a house robbery in 2004 where 3 women where attacked and repeatedly raped. After a very long court case five suspects were convicted and received a total of 67 years imprisonment.

BEST PERFORMER 2ND - Jointly Constable Zwane (Reiger Park) & Constable Molapo (Westonaria)
Constable Zwane is a young detective who managed to secure a life imprisonment on her first rape case. Contable Molapo of Westonaria (a previous winner) was responsible for the arrest and conviction of a rapist in a child-rape case where several children where raped during a long period of 2 years. A very difficult case to prove, but never the less she managed to secure a conviction of 24 years in prison.

BEST PERFORMER 3RD –Jointly Constable Mtshwene (Krugersdorp) & SGT KOENIATE (Jeppe)
Constable Mtshwene was responsible for the arrest of two rape suspects who robbed and raped a 20 year old girl coming back from work repeatedly. The two accusers were later sentenced to 28 and 25 years imprisonment. Sgt Koenaite secured the arrest and a 18 year imprisonment sentence for the rape of a victim by her uncle who overpowered her as she was alone in her house and then threatened her with death.

OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT - Inspector November & Inspector Ndobe
In 2009 a young girl as abducted by 3 men whilst walking home. They took her to a nearby school and then repeatedly raped her and assaulted her. The members arrested all the perpetrators and secured life sentences for each one of them. Although the victim passed away before the case was finalized, her family will have the assurance that these perpetrators will not be able to hurt anyone else.
Constable Ndobe inherited an old case in which a 5 year old was raped by her grandfather. What made the case very difficult was that the young child could not express herself. Even though this member was brand new to the FCS unit, she managed to complete a thorough investigation and secured 20 year imprisonment.

BEST STATION COMMISSIONER – Director Mthombheni (Pretoria Central)
Director Mthombheni of Pretoria Central SAPS received this award for his dedication to implement supporting structures for the FCS detectives at his station. The first Matla A Bana Child-Friendly Reporting facility in Pretoria was opened at his station in January.

BEST FCS COMMANDER - Capt Buthelezi of Jeppe
This commander is a passionate dedicated person who leads by example. She is very supportive of her members. She doesn’t hesitate to acknowledge her members or other role players when the job is done! Teamwork is her motto!

Best FCS Section – Krugersdorp FCS
For investigation of high profile cases which included a place of safety abusing children and a well known business man abusing several children.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE - Sgt Mpiko (Krugersdorp FCS) & Mrs Leonore Louw (Reach Africa)
Sgt Mpiko received this award for the arrest of a father who raped his 12 year old girl. It was her outstanding skills which secured a disclosure by the child in a few hours, resulting in the immediate arrest. The case was closed in a three days and the father sentenced to 19 years imprisonment.

Mrs Leonore Louw (Reach Africa) has donated more than R1 million worth in training to the Matla A Bana Soft Skills training program. This program aims to equip Child Protection officers in soft skills needed to deal with victims. More than 1000 police officers in Gauteng and the Western Cape have been trained by her company. It is the support from individuals like her, that will make an impact on the secondary abuse of rape victims.

Thank you to all the sponsors who made this possible!

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