Friday, December 4, 2009

Do you know what is going on out there?

A 3-year old girl is abducted from here Creche in Khayelitsha. Her little body is found in an informal settlement. The FCS unit arrests group of men.

A suspect takes his ex-girl friend into a bush. He rapes and tortures her for two days. She is extremely traumatized. He is arrested and sentenced for 31 years. In the court he attacks his victim with a sharpened toothbrush.

A young girl is attacked when she fetches water. She is taken to an uninhabited shacked where he rapes her. He keeps her there and rapes her several more times until the next night when she eventually manages to escape. He was arrested and was sentenced for 22 years.

An 18 year old girl, on her way to work, is kidnapped at gunpoint and taken back to her house where her younger sister opens the door. In full view of two minor children, he rapes both girls. He keeps on threatening to shoot them. Eventually the younger kids manage to escape and get help. He is arrested and sentenced to 25 years.

Two 12 year old girls are lured into a deserted spot by a 32 year old man. He sexually assault and rapes both. They are severely traumatized. He is eventually arrested and receives two sentences of 10 years each for Indecent assault and two Life Imprisonment sentences for the two rapes.

The mother of a 12 year old girl sends her brother to wake her up for school. He find her in a pool of blood in her bed. The perpetrator is her uncle who raped her during the night and then tried to kill her. She survives, he is arrested and gets 20 years.

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