Tuesday, September 8, 2009

19th August, POA Woman's Day

It was a day full of caring and personal growth for all attending. Rosemary Hunter, the winner of POA Imbasa Yegolide Award: Industry Personality of the Year, gave an inspirational message to the Ladies. Deputy Provincial Commissioner of Gauteng, Henriette Bester explained the importance of the Matla a Bana projects in helping SAPS and abused victims. She complimen-ted Matla for their consistency as a charity and never giving up. Even when facing the many challenges in the current market. All guests contributed by making comfort packs for abused children. Captain Mawila form Mamelodi East accepted the comfort packs. Our very own Esme Ehlers, one of Matla a Bana’s old friends and trustee Member, with her business partner Berti Akersten, did a talk on "Unlocking Your Potential” These platforms allow Matla a Bana to reach the public and create awareness of child abuse and rape in our country.

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