Monday, May 25, 2009

Life saver!

Let me tell you one thing about working for charity – it is beyond challenging! You have to make budgets meet with no funding, you have to help people without having the resources and saying NO to anyone in need is not remotely an option. Well, what makes up for all those challenges are the moments when you discover the greatness of a kind and good heart. When amazing people appear from nowhere ready to save your day!

Last week it was the Welgemoed Community who came together to help four abused children. Today it was Pieter (Cape Garden Centre) who came to the rescue. Mr Price Kids Store in Canal Walk donated more than R 70 000 worth of goods to MAB. When we arrived there (with our little vehicles), we realised how much you can buy for R 70 000! We were stuck with no storage space and a without any means to move the goods! But it took one phone call and Pieter, not only offered one of his trucks, but also warehouse space!

A very special thank you to Pieter and his staff for making our day!
Monique Strydom

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